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About us
ANIXE develops digital travel. We develop SaaS products and services for the travel industry that reflect its changing needs. We believe in the growing global community and the importance of its interconnection.
Company size
IT, Product company
Our team
Software Engineer
What is the best thing about working at ANIXE? The people the professional or personal bonds that we develop, which make us want to go to work
Software Engineer
Thanks to Anixe I’m able to learn & use RUST, this new, shiny, and promising language on a daily basis.
Software Engineer
I appreciate the independence and creativity of my work. I like to see our customer’s satisfaction when our solutions turn out to be what they needed.
Software Engineer
ANIXE started using Rust roughly 4-5 years ago. That makes it a very early adopter of this technology. As a Rust developer it’s a massive learning opportunity
Software Engineer
My work is very challenging: each sprint sets new goals that test your skills. Yet working with a team of professionals makes your work so much easier 😊
People Operations Manager in Athens
The best part of my work are my colleagues ❤️! More specifically, I really appreciate the team’s power, the good initiatives and the professionalism among all employees 😀
Office Assistant
The best part about my work is multitasking and being at the center of most of the events🎉⏰Being an office assistant is the type of work where you get to be a superhero every day.
LAN Administrator
Every day at ANIXE I feel like some kind of superhero. I get to face new challenges, help my colleagues and I never do the same things over and over again and this is just great!
Principal Software Engineer
I value teamwork, it’s really important for me and fortunately I’m surrounded by people I can count on, regardless the problem.
UX Designer
Working as a UX Designer is incredibly dynamic and developing. I contact with people, I discover new solutions, I learn unconventional design thinking, and there is never a moment when I would feel bored ;)
Director of People Operations
The company is very creative and customer oriented. Additionally, we strongly believe in a can-do attitude💪 That approach made ANIXE successfull and what’s more - we are still growing 🔝
Marketing Manager
The best about my work is the atmosphere! Here is very creative and ANIXE supports the potential of its employees, who are able to grow along with the company 🙂.
Technical Support Specialist
I love a good challenge🚀and at ANIXE there are always some.
Support Manager
I love work at ANIXE because when you take into consideration that you usually spend 8h/24h at work, it’s better to spend that time with friends ❤️
Content Specialist
Here at ANIXE you can develop your skills by participating in interesting projects 📸
Our offices

Wrocław, Grabiszyńska 251a - 51.096747, 16.985475

Antalya, 1241 sokak muratpaşa - 36.8898961, 30.741254

Athina, Kifisias Avenue 115 - 37.9938628, 23.7669214

Company insight
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Our Core Values
We truly believe in Transparency, Can do attitude, Lifelong learning, Adaptability, Teamwork, Work-Life Balance, Sustainability. Our core values shape our attitude to each other and the way we work with clients.
Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing is a part of our DNA ;)

We want to introduce a brand new meetup! C# WROCŁAW
The meetup is for everyone who has advanced skills in C# and wants to develop skills in this programming language.

You're more than welcome!