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Booksy is a startup offering an online platform for booking appointments and a business management system for the service industry. We are an international leader in the beauty industry - our application is used by over 20 million customers!

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Ela Jasionowska

Recruitment Specialist

Ela is responsible for the recruitment processes for finance, marketing, administration, sales and customer service. What she loves her work for is discovering talents that later on shape our company in a real way.

Magda Glińska

HR Specialist

Magda is responsible for all HR matters related to the Polish team. She values clear communication and a proactive approach.

Monika Turewicz

Recruitment Specialist

Monika is in charge of looking for the best talents in the IT industry and creating an amazing candidates experience.

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What makes us unique?

Booksy is a unique company where the capabilities of an individual and a multicultural team blend into something unique. Our main goal is to change and shape the beauty industry. We provide solutions that not only help our users in their daily work, but also strengthen and inspire them to develop. Booksy's culture enables our team members to take control of their responsibilities and take advantage of the opportunities that await them at every turn. In a team like Booksy, anything is possible!

This is how we work

We work remotely, hybrid style or in dog-friendly offices - you can choose! We have an international team, based across 8 countries, including the USA, France and UK! We operate dynamically - we have a lot of ideas and projects to implement We are one team - we believe in the synergy of our experiences and skills, and we help each other whenever necessary We value kindness and tolerance - Booksy is a place where everyone should feel comfortable being themself.

Our Values

In our daily work, we are guided by 4 values: #PeopleFirst #WorkAsAteam #ActLikeAnOwner #ShootForTheMoon. They all describe the collective attitudes and beliefs that we desire from ourselves as Booksy employees. We believe in teamwork and the synergy of our experiences and skills. We support each other on a daily basis and take responsibility for the decisions we make. We set ourselves very ambitious goals because nothing is impossible at Booksy!

Booksy is a place for everyone

We are an international team from different cultural backgrounds, we speak different languages, we follow different rules in our lives, and yet we are able to cooperate together and get along well. We see our diversity as a strength and appreciate how much we can learn from each other. We are open to other people because we want each member of our team to feel at ease and comfortable everyday.

We are a Friendly Workplace!

We are glad that our activities have been recognised externally :) Booksy received a special award in the "Friendly Workplace 2022" competition. Our organizational culture was appreciated: open and friendly, based on company values, mutual respect and cooperation. We also received an award for our EB activities, thanks to which we can become even more visible!

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