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We’re Brainhub. A team of like-minded people who want to make the world a little better. Our culture is based on sharing knowledge, team-spirit, and ownership. If you want to develop your passion in the culture of growth, Brainhub is a place for you.
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Leszek Knoll

Co-founder of Brainhub and head of the company. Leszek is a business-oriented economic, passionate about entrepreneurship and software development.

Mateusz Warcholiński

Matt is one of the co-founders of our company. First building innovative startups with a global reach, now he’s fully committed to the development of Brainhub. His things are sales, inbound marketing, and people.

Benedykt Dryl
Head of Engineering

A pragmatic full-stack JavaScript developer with experience in various technologies and frameworks. It focuses on the client's expectations, not the current hype. Likes to learn and share knowledge.

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Integration weekend 2022

Choose the way you work, play, and spend your weekends :)

Integration weekend 2022
Hi! We're Brainhub.

The team’s satisfaction is what drives us. Each member of the team has a real impact on the company’s development direction. Our culture is based on sharing knowledge, progress, team-spirit, and ownership. And that’s why we become better and better every year. Our approach is to always do what's needed, not necessarily what's expected. And to do it our way. Members of our team share similar values, but we also look for these values in potential partners.

Hi! We're Brainhub.
We organize great meetups

DevDuck is our signature meetup for IT professionals. Stop by, get to know us, and develop new programming skills. Not only JavaScript-related :)

We organize great meetups

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