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DELVE is a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, a Google Cloud Certified Services Partner, a Google Analytics 360 and Display & Video 360 expert.

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Greg Sobiech

CEO & Founder

Greg Sobiech is a CEO & Founder in Delve.

Anton Lipkanou

President and COO in Executive

Anton Lipkanou is a President and COO in Executive in Delve.

Karolina Proczek

HR Manager in People Operations Poland

Karolina Proczek is a HR Manager in People Operations Poland in Delve.

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From 1999 onward, our Founder and CEO Greg Sobiech had worked on both the agency side with Digitas, and on the client side managing digital budgets for Bath&Body Works and several Manhattan-based startups. During that time, Greg recognized that digital advertising had enormous potential for improvement. By January 2011, Greg made a choice: rather than continuing down the CMO career path, he took the leap, quit his day job and made DELVE his full-time gig. All our history: delvedeeper.com/company

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