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HEINEKEN Global Shared Services is an integral part of iconic HEINEKEN brand. Present on Cracow market since 2012. We hire over 1.400 employees creating a team of business experts in finance, accounting, data and technology.

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Janusz Zawadzki

Chapter Lead Security

I am a Tech Specialist in a team that helps protect our company - CDO. Show me your logs and I’ll tell you what you had for lunch. We work in Agile way of working, making numerous industry recognised technologies.

Aldona Łuszczak

Senior Global Process Expert (OTC)

I joined Heineken Family in 2013 and had an opportunity to manage process transitions, lead OTC team and take part in building the HGSS Strategy. In my current role I have a real impact on the design of OtC processes.

Bartosz Makowski

Finance Platforms Consultant

I joined Heineken Kraków in 2014 gaining experience in PtP area and becoming a process specialist. Recently I decided to take a new step in my career and successfully have moved internally to Digital and Technology team.

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Enjoyment of Life

One of our values is Enjoyment of Life. We like having fun and spending time together, that is why our integration events are so cool. We are famous for our annual Family Picnic, Christmas Gala, Carnival Party and many other team events. Check out our social media for more.

Joy of true togetherness

One of the special places in our office is the HEINEKEN Bar serving some of the best beers every Friday afternoon to all our employees meeting to celebrate the joy of true togetherness.

Professional Development

We support professional development of our employees by providing various trainings and development programs. Our company has been recognized and awarded in the 6th edition of Employer of Tomorrow competition organized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). The award was given in a field of Employee Development in a modern business services sector for Effective Leadership Academy.

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