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From Symptom Checker to API – on a mission to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and convenient by automating primary care, from symptom to outcome.

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Oleksandra Chernyak

Head of Talent Acquisition

As a Recruitment Manager, Oleksandra is engaged in both end-to-end recruitment processes and improvement implementation. Idea machine and fan of tasks automation.

Paulina Pudlis

Recruitment Specialist

Takes care of recruitment processes and makes every effort to assure the best candidate experience. Strongly believes that each person has potential! Fan of the People-first approach in business and in day-to-day life.

Monika Wajs

Recruitment Specialist

I believe that the recruitment process is a great opportunity to get to know each other. I'm following the values of partnership and equality and try to ensure the best possible candidate experience.

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Better health decisions in our hands

We believe modern healthcare means patient-centric healthcare. Together with industry leaders we proudly develop a smart technology that makes it easier to guide patients to the right care.

AI at the service of health

Founded in 2012 by a team of engineers, data scientists, and physicians, Infermedica develops its diagnostic engine to collect intake data, check symptoms, and guide patients to the right care. The technology can also detect emergencies and support healthcare professionals by giving them early access to health information and recommendations.

We act for global public health

Alongside the development of dynamic commercial solutions, we use our technology to support patients all over the world making free-of-charge online health applications easily available.

Our products

Infermedica tackles the problem of inappropriate use of medical services and misdiagnosis, providing insurance companies, hospitals, and health systems with a set of advanced preliminary diagnosis and triage tools. We provide four different products: Symptom Checker, Call Center Triage, Emergency Room Triage, and Infermedica API.

Who makes it happen

Infermedica is a family of more than one hundred passionate minds that are eager to learn. The team includes top-notch specialists with strong technological, medical, and business expertise.

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    Grabiszyńska 240


    3513 Brighton Blvd

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