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We are More Growth. We are building brands that will help millions make crucial life choices. We are targeting important issues like parenting, personal finance, and wellbeing. We collected the largest pre-seed rounds in Poland - 5 mln USD!

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Kuba Koziej

CEO & Co-founder

Builds teams, builds scale, optimizes, and monetizes. A big believer in growth & profitability. Tech investor & advisor. Loves pizza and playing with his whippet—Vinnie the Dog.

Piotrek Sosnowski

Chief People & Culture Officer

Growth culture evangelist. Loves data-driven HR. Scaled the team at InterviewMe and Zety from 3 Founders to 150+ people in less than 6 years. Business angel and culture advisor.

Ariel Finkelstein


Expert & industry leader in the area of SaaS. Ariel helped to build over 70 companies, including 3 unicorns. Co-built Microsoft and Intel accelerators in Israel.

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Our mission

We help milions navigate through crucial life choices. What should I do now to live to see my grandkids graduate from college? Will this mortgage secure my future or make it miserable? How can I create a loving bond with my kids? All these decisions have life-changing consequences.

Our Values

Below are the values in which we believe. We hire, fire, and promote based on them. Come join us in the exciting journey!

Exponential growth

What if you could improve how you do something by 1% each day for a year? It's not about perfection today. It's all about being 1% better tomorrow.

Real impact

Results matter most. Instead of doing tasks, you focus on the end goal.

Extreme ownership

It’s all about the team. They depend on you. You won’t let them down.

Radical candor

If you know something that will help your team-member improve, you say it to their face and expect the same from them.

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Marketing Researcher
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