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Hello, we are Packhelp and, yes, we are one of the fastest growing tech startups in Europe. As a group of almost 250 curious minds from all corners of the globe, we inspire each other every day and take pride in product we create. #jointhepack


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Iga Prószyńska

Head of New Business

Summer is definitely my season. As soon as the sun comes out, I’m full of positive energy. I do surfing and kite surfing. And in winter snowboarding and mountain walks. I also enjoy reading books and practicing yoga.

Michał Ptaszyński

Head of Design Team

I'm a User Interface and User Experience designer with ten years of experience. I'm also a host of the first polish podcast dedicated to product designers - Apploads. I collect vinyls and Lego sets.

Ola Tadrzak

Content Team Leader

Love skiing of all kinds and I may call myself a winter person. I do practice yoga and lately, I’ve started some pottery classes, even a few first steps with potter’s wheel. I just enjoy things and being with friends.

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We're Packhelp Design Team!

A powerful strategy or product isn't just a deck of slides. You need the design to bring it to life.

Our Product Design Team is responsible for all the parts of Packhelp that customers interact with, starting with the website and the virtual editor. They make Packhelp as aesthetically pleasing and accessible as possible.

Plant A Tree with Packhelp

Embark on a Journey to Sustainability with Packhelp! 📦

Wojtek Sadowski: B2B Marketplace Story

B2B Marketplace Story - Packhelp

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