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We’re a fast-growing digital product company. We create a Customer Experience tool with a mission to help micro- and small businesses from around the world grow and serve their clients effectively.

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Karolina Krystkiewicz

Talent Acquisition Specialist

If you are focused on your growth - Tidio is a perfect choice. I feel that my development is truly supported here. As a tech recruiter, I would be happy to show you the opportunities that wait for you.

Magdalena Garnek

Talent Acquisition Specialist

A psychologist by profession, a good listener from practice. What do I like the most about being a recruiter? Watching the journey when a candidate becomes an employee and then develops in our company. Let’s talk!

Nina Król

Outreach Team Leader

Together with my highly skilled team of outreach and PR professionals, I help develop Tidio’s online presence and authority through offsite SEO and Digital PR. Sounds interesting? I'd be happy to tell you more!

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Learn more about our organization and the way we work!

Tidio Camp

What's #TidioCamp? 🌴🤔 It's our annual summer get-together, when Tidioers gather for a weekend of teambuilding, chatting, and having fun! Being a digital-first company, we emphasize regular #integration and face-to-face meetings. At least twice a year, we meet as a whole organization, while individual teams also gather every quarter. Check out the video from our Tidio Camp 2022!📹

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