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🤓 Head of Sales

12 000 - 17 000 PLN netto

🌍 10Clouds sp. z o. o. | Finlandzka 10, Warszawa


#software, #B2B

We are 10Clouds – recognised as one of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies (Financial Times and Deloitte) and the world’s top 15 outsourcing IT companies (Clutch). We specialise in building end to end software solutions, including AI and Blockchain. We’ve handled projects for many recognisable brands (eg. Pinterest, Baidu, OmiseGo, and Asmodee). Our work has been featured by TechCrunch, The Economist, The New York Times and Wired, among many others. We have a team of 120+ people, we are evolving rapidly and our plan is to grow significantly in the upcoming year. We want you to be a part of it.

We help our clients change the world through technology by providing top-notch services of design and development. Driven by a set of specific values, we create a caring workplace for agile and responsible professionals who believe in usability and constant evolution.

A a part of the recent growth, we’ve tripled the size of our Sales Team and we’ve been consistently noting down double-digit revenue growth rates. Presently, we’re on a lookout for a high performing professional who will help us notch up even greater success in meeting our customer acquisition and revenue growth objectives. As a new Head of Sales, you will also have the opportunity to lead a team of brilliant account executives and build out a new customer success team.

Sounds interesting? Let’s take a closer look!

Joining 10Clouds as Head of Sales means:




This isn’t a typical clock-in, clock-out. 

If you believe you’d make a great joint Head of Sales & Marketing, it is an option for us as well – take a look at how we see the other part of it