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🤓 Marketing Specialist

Undisclosed salary

🌍 2way Message Ltd. | 17 King Edwards Road, Ruislip, Londyn


#B2B, #SEO

At 2way, we are revolutionising how organisations are contacting consumers. It is no secret that people are less and less willing to speak over the phone. One the other hand, we love to text. SMS/Whatsapp/Messenger - we provide companies with a single platform that makes it possible to have a conversation with customers in text channels.

We are looking for a Marketing Specialist who will help us scale.

We are not here to play video games or eat pizza laying in a hammock.
We are here to solve problems and enable companies to have valuable conversations in the channels most convenient for customers.

Job requirements

What are we looking for?

We would be super happy if:

On our end we give:

Don’t expect:

This position is also open for final year students.
Also available as a part-time position.