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🤓 Project Manager

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Bejamas | Business Link Green2Day, Wrocław


#PM, #projectmanager, #remote

The success of every JAMstack or Progressive Web App project we have lies in the hands of a Project Manager. If you want to lead a team of developers and make a significant impact on our deliveries, read on further.

As a Project Manager at Bejamas, your responsibility will be, in short, to coordinate our developers and processes to ensure that our projects are delivered on time to our customers and produce the desired results for them.

For everything involving a project’s organization and schedule, you will be the go-to person for our sales & development team as well as the customer.



Work benefits

Because happy people make a great company.

Get things done from home, co-working space, or a beach.

Propose a course you want to learn from and get a 100% refund.

For those living in Wroclaw, or those who’d like to try - you’re always welcome.

Meet your co-workers chilling on company retreats in cool places, like Sicily or Andalusia.

Bejamas pays for every public holiday in your country.

For those living in Poland, or those who’d like to try - you’re always welcome.