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🤓 Content Writer / Freelancer

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🌍 | Rynek Główny 27, Kraków


#content, #contentwriter, #storytelling

It’s no secret Bidroom is growing. But here’s what you don’t know: emerging from the golden, luscious field of our marketing department is a brand new team dedicated to making head-turning, jaw-dropping, drool-forming, totally killer, brand-building content. Want to join #teamcontent? 
TL;DR: Bidroom is initiating a dedicated content team and we’re looking for a snappy, clever, creative writer to do just that: write.
What you’ll be doing:

Well, um, in case it’s not obvious, you’ll be writing stuff. Lots of stuff. Stuff ranging from newsletter content, email sequences and campaigns, blogposts, web copy, landing page copy, infographics, reports, e-books, long-form and short-form texts. These texts will have varying purposes: from converting users, to passing on valuable knowledge, to making people laugh, to furthering business goals. They’ll also be featured and formatted on a variety of platforms, from digital, web, app, print, to even TV commercials or bulletin boards. Our content adventure is only just beginning. Your hungry audience awaits.
Not a jack of all trades? You don’t have to be. Tell us what you specialise in, and we’ll carve out a piece in the Bidroom puzzle that’s shaped just like you—and not the other way around. Overwhelmed by all the content we listed? Don’t worry, you’ll work closely with our fab Content Manager who will guide you, focus you, direct you, and imbue our tone of voice into every cell of your being. 
What qualities are we looking for?

Things that float our boat:

What can you expect?