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🤓 Marketing Campaign Strategist

10 500 - 12 000 PLN netto

🌍 Boldare Sp.z o.o. | Królowej Bony 13, Gliwice


#smarketing, #marketing, #campaign

Boldare is a digital product design and development company and a guide to digital transformation for forward-thinking businesses. We’re not only a tech company, but also #holacracy and #agile evangelists. With a world-class quality of software development and design we keep on growing and reaching new clients from all over the globe.

Looking for a place in a multiple times internationally awarded company, full of skilled people and a sense of purpose, trust and teamwork?

BOLDARE is your place-to-be!

What do you need to get this position?

Joining us as a Marketing Strategist means…

What we offer:

...and a great time spent together at work and after hours!