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🤓 Product Market Fit Designer

11 000 - 22 000 PLN netto

🌍 Boldare Sp.z o.o. | Pawia 9, Kraków


#UX/UI, #WebDevelopment, #ProductDesign

If you value agility, dynamic actions and you can't stand the routine - we've got something right for you! Start designing for real, no fuss, within a logical process and only with foreign clients. 

We help our clients shape digital reality around them on different stages. Whether it's an MVP, prototype, product-market fit, or scaling, for each of the stages we’ve developed a dedicated working environment. 

Currently we’re looking for a product designer who is great with long term and dynamic projects, such as product market fit.

What do you need to get this position?


Joining us as a Product Market Fit Designer means...


...and a great time spent together at work and after hours!