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🤓 Product Designer

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Chili Piper | Centrum, Brooklyn


#Sketch, #design, #graphic

The goal of our product team is to make delightful, enterprise-grade products delightful to use on a day by day basis, hiding all the complexity from the user.

Our users are sophisticated employees of highly successful companies (like Square, Twillio, Airbnb and many other companies we can’t even name 🤐) and we want them to be surprised by easy, yet powerful tools that can make their work easier.

We started with a calendar that helps them get more client meetings in their calendar and we are now bringing them a delightful experience in many more areas of their workday. 

You will work closely every day with our dev and product team in designing the future products Chili Piper will offer. 


We are looking for a rockstar designer

Ideally, you already worked with sales/marketing automation tools and know-how badly designed they are.

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