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🤓 Business Development Manager

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Closer | 3 Maja 9, Kraków


#sales, #bizdev

Why Closer? 

Not all Business Development roles are created equal. Join Closer, and you’ll be able to have an immediate and measurable impact on our products and processes. We’ll also rely on you to build and maintain strong customer relationships, have a measurable impact on strategic development, and coordinate efforts among multiple departments.

You can count on plenty of perks as well, including:

What will you be doing?

What will we need from you?

What is Closer?

Closer is a live customer care platform that enriches communication by combining cutting-edge communication methods together in a browser or app, including chat, audio, video, screen sharing, file uploads, and in-chat payments.

Closer makes customer care more efficient by offering human-to-human support as well as advanced AI bots, AI-powered adviser suggestions, online meeting scheduling, team workflow management, and back-office integration.

Closer makes communication between companies and customers more accessible by supporting desktop and mobile browsers, offering native mobile apps for customers and businesses, and offering easy integration with other platforms while keeping all communication in sync. APIs and SDKs are also offered to help build the Closer communication experience right into existing apps.

We see people and businesses communicating better. We see them Closer.

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