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🤓 Product Designer

11 000 - 15 500 PLN netto

🌍 CSHARK | Rynek 36/37, Wrocław


#Design, #ProductDesign

🦈CSHARK is a digital consultancy that focuses on innovative products and made-to-measure solutions. We help enterprises with digital transformation and start-ups with translating ideas into products. We like to do things holistically — it's all about finding a balance between business advisory, product design, and software development. We're industry-agnostic, so don't be surprised if one day you end up learning about an area you've never even known existed.

😎 Team

The Product Design team has been formed in 2019, so we're still young, creative, and hungry. Since then, it's been growing steadily and lately we've started partnering with SWPS University in Wroclaw. In the role of a Product Designer you'll most certainly be teaming up with Martyna, who runs the team on a daily basis, Krzysiek, our go-to strategist, and working alongside Ula (could show her profile, but she doesn’t scrobble anymore), responsible for pixel perfectness and daily jokes, Piotrek, who handles all new business and team soothing and Zuzia, the dog, that has refused to create a LinkedIn profile.

💡 The Role

An ambitious Product Designer — that's you! Curious what will be your daily duties? Well, here's a short breakthrough of your responsibilities:

Leading design projects from start to finish:

Managing and growing selected client accounts:

Building the team with us, adding your expertise to our common stack:

The Requirements:

For bonus points: