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🤓 UI Designer

8 500 - 13 000 PLN netto

🌍 CSHARK | Rynek 36/37, Wrocław


#UserInterface, #ProductDesign, #UIDesigner

Are you still waiting for your next big thing? Excuse the cheesy beginning, but we’re actually up to something. 

Our Product Design department is growing so we’re looking for a talented UI designer to join the team. Just so you know — you may just have the chance to work on digital products with leading music producers from the UK, help swiftly build innovative start-ups with the brightest Polish minds or add your mark to a true fintech unicorn. We’re happy to say that we don’t get bored easily with the projects of this caliber.

We’ll swipe right if you’re a complete package — not only a great designer but also a responsible, down-to-earth, cool human being (this is a must, as we’re not ready to substitute our department with AI…).

At CSHARK, we value team spirit, informal atmosphere, flexible working hours and long-term commitment — all that for fair compensation. If the highest design quality, creativity, and attention to detail are important to you, we certainly are a good match.


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