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🤓 Digital Marketing Specialist

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🌍 Deviniti Sp. z o.o. | Sudecka 153, Wrocław


#email, #Marketing, #Content

Who are we?

We are Deviniti - a company delivering Technology-Driven Results. We believe that technology is the foundation for building business efficiency. We provide a wide range of IT solutions that are used by over 5 million people in 103 countries around the world.

Since 2005, we've been a Solution Partner of Atlassian - an Australian company making top-notch software tools helping teams work smarter, faster and easier (most notably Jira and Confluence). Being the most prominent Atlassian Partner in Poland with Platinum and Enterprise status, we are on the mission to help people make the best use of these tools at work, improve their teamwork and IT processes. We're doing this by providing expert services and developing an extensive portfolio of apps for Jira Software and Jira Service Desk on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Sounds like boring $%&t? Wrong! We also write guides, create tutorials and webinars for the software's users all around the globe, and fly to IT conferences in Europe and North America as sponsors and speakers. We also host Jira Day - the biggest annual Atlassian-related event in Central Europe. Fortune 500 giants like Apple, Sony, Ferrari, Spotify, Airbnb, NASA, and a bunch of others are among over 5000 our customers. The whole Atlassian Ecosystem counts millions of users, admins and managers, and it's famous for being super friendly and professional. On our team we have some of its acclaimed contributors who received Atlassian Community Content Awards three times in 2018.

Why do we need you?

Having ambitious plans and being to launch a couple of new products, our Atlassian Apps team has grown twice during the last year. To keep up with this growth, support new initiatives, and be able to further expand marketing activities for our products, we're looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist with prior experience in content creation and/or email marketing to join the team already aboard. We need an open-minded person who will help us generate demand for our products among the target groups, drive relevant organic traffic to our website, and optimize campaigns we send to educate our prospects and customers and provide them with knowledge about the software they use. We treat content holistically, so you will cover one of our main topical areas, but also will take active part in all-hands initiatives and other marketing activities according to your skills and interests.

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