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🤓 UI/UX Designer

6 000 - 10 000 PLN netto

🌍 Digital Colliers sp. z o.o. | Rynek Główny 8, Kraków


#UIUX, #B2B, #rynek


 We are a small software house that specializes in developing web applications for customers worldwide. We are currently looking for a UI/UX Designer for a project we are developing for our client from Germany. We are creating a SaaS application operating in the cloud, based on microservices, in which the frontend is written in Vue.js a backend in Java/Kotlin. The development consists of 2 teams in Germany and us in Cracow. At the same time, the whole UI/UX of the application is created on our side. We start the project from scratch and now, we're assembling a team of experienced developers able to work independently, manage the whole project and focus on long-term cooperation.
As a team member you will be responsible for working on the architecture, funcionality and interface design of the platform. Your duties will include work on the development of the UI/UX layer of the platform, analyzing the application architecture and consulting functional solutions with developers. In addition, the scope of your duties will include work on the branding of our company (website, content on social media, etc.).
If you are passionate about what you do, always willing to learn something new and you're not afraid of challenges, then Digital Colliers is the right place for you.
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