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🤓 Sales Support Specialist

5 000 - 7 500 PLN brutto

🌍 Estimote Polska Sp. z o.o. | Krakusa 11, Kraków


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Sales Support Specialist

Location Kraków

At Estimote, we’re on a mission to create an operating system for the physical world.
We believe the software of the future won’t be created for phones, computers, or tablets. Developers and designers of tomorrow will use the physical world as a canvas for their apps and our experiences. Smartphones, wireless sensors, intelligent displays, as well as self-navigating robots are just a natural part of the future stack we will come to rely on.
To make it easier for innovators to digitize the real world and deliver magical experiences at scale, we need sophisticated phygital products. And that's exactly what we are building at Estimote.
To achieve this vision we also need skilled business people—like you—who can support our in-house sales team and help them be successful. Your work will contribute to our ambitious goals that could possibly impact the way we all function in the new normality.

What will you do?

You will take responsibility for enabling our international sales team to exhibit their top performance by providing them with the right bits of business intelligence exactly when they need it, hacking our sales stack, and process along the way!
Qualify leads

Your top priority task will be to qualify leads for the sales team to process them according to the company guidelines. We need to be sure we’re always 100% focused on the engagements that fit our expertise and capabilities perfectly.
Groom sales inbox and CRM

Our sales inbox is constantly flooding with new inquiries from all over the world so we will require you to always stay on top of what’s happening in there so nothing slips through the cracks. It may sound like an easy one but believe us – it is not that simple.

Enable sales team

Once inquiry lands our sales inbox we’ll need you to unleash your inner spy and get as much information about it as available in no time – all it takes to make sure our salespeople are equipped with the latest and the most accurate data so they can close deals blindfolded.

Communicate effectively

You will be in constant touch with our international sales and community management teams as well as shipping and operations departments. Oh, and did we mention prospects and leads? Yup, you’ll also need to contact them every now and then.

Hack the stack and process
We’re feedback and team effort freaks so you will be more than welcome to share your thoughts on where we can do things better. Both for our clients, and for ourselves, internally. If you can, for example, hack our sales toolkit by integrating one piece of software with another to automatize mundane tasks, be our guest – smart work is what we all love.

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