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🤓 Content Marketing Specialist

4 000 - 8 000 PLN netto

🌍 Ethworks | ul. Jana Czeczota 29, Warszawa


#Marketing, #Content, #B2B

At Ethworks, we invest in ourselves, expanding our knowledge and skills. 
Content Marketing Specialist
Location: Warsaw

How about working in a young, dynamic team, with a competitive salary, great benefits... ughInstead of that, let my colleagues explain you why they work here:

Bartek (Full-Stack Developer): 
Because I wanted to do the blockchain. Now, I am already used to high-quality code. It is kinda hard to find another company like that.
Paweł (Designer): 
Because I do something else than the 56th online store or 64th ecommerce in my career. I was looking for more interesting projects and found them here.
Jagoda (Head of Operations): 
Because of the great atmosphere and the opportunity to grow. I get loads of challenging tasks, so I’m never bored.
Dmytro (Full-Stack Developer): 
The atmosphere is awesome, and the projects are exciting. Also, the quality of our engineering is very high. 
Piotr (Team Leader): 
I wanted to land a new job to do something connected with the blockchain. I messaged Ethworks, got in and stayed. It’s a great place to be.
Marek (CEO): 
I think it’s cool to work with emerging technologies that have the potential to grow. I didn’t find any company where I could work with them the way I wanted in the country. That’s why we created Ethworks.

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