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🤓 New Business Manager

4 000 - 6 000 PLN netto

🌍 Funktional | Karmelicka 52/9, Kraków


#Sales, #BusinessDevelopment, #NewBusiness

We are looking for an ambitious and skilled New Business Manager or Executive, who will strengthen the sales team. You will be responsible for the first contact with potential Clients with a goal to learn and understand their problems. At Funktional we are all about resolving those problems and helping our Client's achieve their goals.

Most of all, you should love what you do — be ready to bring your enthusiasm to every call, email and meeting. We want a highly motivated self-starter and a "doer". Someone who will give 100% to grow personally and thus deliver the results we are looking for. You should see problems and obstacles as projects to complete and a way to grow. 

Your KPIs:  number of briefs/qualified leads and/or close ratio

If chosen, you will be responsible for

Depending on your skills and area of expertise it's possible to extend the scope to include closing deals. In such case you will need extensive knowledge of marketing and branding related topics. 


Nice to haves

Details of employment

We accept CVs both in Polish and English.