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🤓 Product Growth Marketer

7 000 - 12 000 PLN netto

🌍 | Ratusz Arsenał, Warszawa


#b2b, #growthhacker, #marketing

About GrowthHero

GrowthHero is an ecommerce startup which helps shops build affiliate marketing and referral programs. Since its launch in August 2019 it has attracted over 500 paying customers from around the world. It’s now looking for a product marketer to take it to the next level.

About the role

We’re looking for a marketer to lead growth and marketing technology. This should be a person familiar with a range of marketing tactics and technologies, focused on measurement and ROI and creative in using data to create value for our customers. Currently, we don’t have any marketing people hired, we need someone willing to do their job from a beginning to an end. We don’t want a manager that’d provide us with a great strategy, which they won’t successfully implement themself.