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🤓 Growth Marketing Specialist

Undisclosed salary

🌍 itCraft sp. z o.o. | Towarowa 20, Bydgoszcz


#MarketingSpecialist, #LeadGeneration, #B2B

We deliver mobile innovations to businesses around the world since 2010. We’ve finished more than 200 successful projects with the help of our constantly growing team of experts and passionates. Right now, we hire more than 60 people, not only software developers but also project managers, sales and marketing specialists, testers, designers and more.

Our recruitment process is based on searching for people who want to grow the company with us. We hope that as Growth Marketing Specialist, you will support us in acquiring new, exciting projects and creating a strategy that will help to fulfill our goals together. Our assumptions for the next couple of years include significant growth of our team, getting even more clients and a constant increase in revenue. We can achieve that with you onboard and being a part of the company’s success definitely will bring you a lot of satisfaction and will give you a chance to grow professionally.



What we can offer: