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🤓 Social Ads Specialist

5 000 - 8 000 PLN netto

🌍 Ladder | Wyspa Słodowa 7, Wrocław


#SocialMediaMarketing, #digitalmarketing, #FacebookAds

We’re specialists in Growth Marketing, experts at unlocking the power of data and making the best decisions to reach our clients’ growth goals. Through our data-driven testing process, we unlock the true growth potential of our clients all over the world.
Our client portfolio is diverse. We've worked with emerging startups to SMEs, scale ups to Fortune500 companies including some big names such as Nestle, and Facebook to name a few. Our clients span business models from B2B to E-commerce, Mobile Apps to SaaS, as well as industry sectors including FinTech, consumer products, business intelligence, and more. Join our distributed team based in the UK, USA, Poland and Greece to gain unrivalled experience within our world renowned agency.


Social Ads Specialist, who will take ownership of the operational side of delivering marketing campaigns to our clients. You'll manage experiments, create campaigns and analyze their results. You'll be a project manager for marketing activities, responsible for implementing marketing strategies designed by senior members of the team. You'll be using the newest tools and growth hacking methodologies out there and enjoy working with international clients of Ladder Digital (

To support your development, we have an in-depth training plan you’re jumping in from day one. Soon enough you’ll become efficient in growth strategy and execution, an expert in online marketing channels like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads plus data analysis and reporting in Google Data Studio. One of our key values is to be persistently helpful so you will be supported by your team every step of the way.

You’ll do great if you combine the following experience and attributes:

🤘 High Emotional IQ -The ability to deliver tough feedback in a constructive manner - protecting the delicate creative ego whilst telling them it is all wrong is a true skill.

🤘 Team player - make decisions that are for the good of the group - we’re in it together.

🤘 Own it - Whether it’s something you're really proud of or something you’d rather forget (we all make mistakes). We want to be a place where we win together, lose together - and that starts with each of us taking responsibility for delivering the best we can. All-day. Every day.

Who works at Ladder:

No two people we’ve hired at Ladder are alike. It is our shared values and passion for learning that bring us together. Our different backgrounds and experiences help us learn from each other and achieve our mission. We endeavor to make working at Ladder accessible to anyone with the right talent and drive. We look for people who are interested in technology, with a passion for learning and the determination to work on tough challenges. We don’t need (or want) micromanagement, we know what we’re doing and we exchange that knowledge to better one another.

Perks that will come with your role at Ladder:

✅ Opportunity to work from anywhere you'd like in the EMEA region,
✅ Working with exciting start ups and world-class companies,
✅ Collaborating with amazing specialists in digital marketing,
✅ Competitive salary based on your experience (4 800 - 7 500 PLN net on B2B or gross on Umowa Zlecenie)
✅ Access to industry leading training programs including Conversion XL Courses, Ladder Growth TV and training resources, 
✅ Paid vacation leave.
✅  Medicover + Multisport.

Do you speak our language? Send your application over (in English) and we’ll walk you through the recruitment process. We can’t wait to meet you!