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🤓 B2B Paid Ads Specialist

6 000 - 8 500 PLN netto

🌍 MAN DIGITAL | Przemysłowa 12, Kraków


#b2b, #startup, #sem

Thank you for checking out our offer! I'am Przemek - MAN Digital Partner.

Let me tell you a bit about ourselves. We are scaling b2b brands through inbound & account based marketing.
Currently looking for an amazing individual who would like to join us and nail it.

We are looking for an ambitious, extraordinary, hard working colleague to help us handle our growth.
Whiners and lazy ones - hasta la vista. Optimism and can-do attitude is what we value.

You will have a chance to be part of a growing company and build your team.


Working as a senior specialist with clients, taking ownership for paid ads strategy & execution.
Managing a team of specialists in the future. Delivering high quality leads for our clients with enthusiasm and devotion.


First of all, we all love what we do, you should be sure that this is your thing. Besides that:

What will you get?

Be sure that this is the greatest place on earth for you to sky-rocket you career. Why?

Our Values:

Okay, if this sounds appealing for you. I would be more than glad to talk to you!

Leave your application and let's get in touch. What if this is it?