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🤓 Marketing Project Manager

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Man on the Moon - HR Agency – on behalf of Neurosphera is currently looking for:
Marketing Project Manager
Company: Neurosphera
Location: Warsaw/Remote  
Company description:

The Neurosphera is a unique clinic unlike any other. We started 20 years ago with a clear goal to provide the highest quality of medical services for both - those interested simply in a one-time consultation, as well as those seeking long-term care and treatment with epilepsy. 

In order to deliver the highest quality, we focused on providing a system of coordinated multidisciplinary care for patients. Working with many specialists complementing our dedicated team of physicians and support staff to offer you a complete spectrum of care. We run a clinical outpatient department conducting diagnostic tests (EEG, MRI) and specialist medical care. We conduct and supervise our activities with the use of cybernetic, AI-based systems, which allows us to provide the highest level of medical evaluation, treatment, and care for our patients. 

In addition to our main clinic in Warsaw, we also provide outpatient medical services at our affiliate locations in both Toruń and Jelenia Góra. Our team has authored and published several papers and books extensively on the subject of epilepsy, most notably the iconic handbook for epileptic patients: “9 Rozmów o Padaczce” (9 Discussions about Epilepsy). We also run a number of social and media events, as well as educational activities for patients with epilepsy.

We believe that providing the best possible medical care for our patients goes beyond state-of-the-art equipment and the latest techniques - it also means providing care with compassion and professional expertise.

On a daily basis you will be managing:
o Idea (internal, external inputs; own research needed) 
o   Planning (cooperation with internal and external (copywriters) content providers) 
o   Execution (responsibility for delivering and publishing planned publications)

o   Profile moderation
o   Answering the comments 

o   Publishing the content 
o   SEO optimization (training provided) 

o   Cooperation with external Agency 
o   Responsibility for the result
If you have: 
- that is wonderful!

Why is it a great career opportunity:
Our hiring process:

 We would love to get to know you, so please send us your CV and a few words about you – we do love to read about it!

Thank you and see you!

Best regards,
Recruitment Team from Man on the Moon ;)