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🤓 Senior/Account Executive (E-commerce)

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Man on the Moon | Ząbkowska 31, Centrum Koneser, Warszawa


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Man on the Moon - HR Agency – on behalf of Pathfinder 23 is currently looking for:

Senior/Account Executive (E-commerce)

Location: Warsaw, Centrum Koneser

Company description

At Pathfinder 23 (PF23) we define our mission as building brand presence in E-commerce. We focus on creating the highest quality brand experiences which are key to purchase decisions. We strive to combine art with science and use creative and technological potential to design and implement the most efficient path to purchase scenarios. Our Team has unique experience in delivering complex E-commerce projects in EMEA, NA, and LATAM. Our combined experience covers cooperation with over 50 top brands and over 300 E-retailers globally. We offer Clients our unique blend of E-commerce expertise based on 15 years of professional experience.

PF23 is part of Brand New Galaxy (BNG), an independent platform integrating smart business solutions from the areas of marketing and technology. BNG is a haven for interesting, dynamic ideas based both in marketing and tech, at home in the startup environment yet comparable in scale with many network agencies. Apart from PF23, BNG includes Spacecamp – a creative and technological digital agency, Life on Mars – a through-the-line agency building brand communications both in and out of the digital ecosystem, and Synthrone – a platform for implementing automation and brand analytics in E-commerce.

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