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🌍 Mięsna Paczka | Bagatela 10, Warszawa


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Don’t you find it weird that we need to label naturally produced food? Well, we do. 
However weird though - that’s where we are today, and when it comes to meat - we’re here to change it. 
95% of people in Poland eat meat, we won't turn them into vegetarians overnight - but we can teach them how to eat meat responsibly.

At MIĘSNA PACZKA, company founded by people behind Groupon, Travelist, Omnipack, iProspect, we believe in:

Natural, pure meat, the way it should be. No additives, hormones, antibiotics or GMO. Nothing. Just meat. 

Quality over Quantity
It’s a no brainer - for our health and sustainability of our planet we need to eat less meat.  And the meat we eat needs to be of MUCH better quality. Less is more.

Waste Reduction
20% of production in the meat industry is wasted. Why not to make it closer to...0%? We freeze our meat at the peak of freshness. Customers love it, we love it. Done.

Sustainable Farming
From no pesticides in the ground all the way to free range access for animals. Organic certified and controlled by external bodies. Back to normal.

We’re all busy. Too busy. But with technology we have ways to make the life of our customers easier. Much easier.
That’s why at Mięsna Paczka we deliver fresh, organic-certified, high quality meat to families in Poland. 
Our ambition? Drive the shift towards organic produce in the Polish food market. 

How? Become synonymous for quality meat for at least 100 000 families in Poland. 

Excited? Let’s do something that matters. Join us!

In our intensive growth and development stage, we are looking for top talent in Poland: 

Digital Growth Leader 

We would like you to:

We are expecting that you have:

What we offer: