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🤓 Recruitment Marketing Specialist

6 000 - 8 000 PLN netto

🌍 Monterail | Oławska 27-29, Wrocław


#socialmedia, #marketing, #recruitmentmarketing


We are Monterail. A team of developers and designers building beautiful and meaningful software every day. Our clients are startups, SMBs, and enterprises around the globe. We support them with high profiled Ruby on Rails, Python and JavaScript development skills as well as strong product design experience. We are a group of experts who not only get the job done but are a joy to be around.

But that’s enough about us. We are looking for a Recruitment Marketing Specialist to join our Marketing Team and support us with recruitment marketing and employer branding campaigns to increase our brand awareness. Does it sound like something you want to thrive in?

We need someone who’s good with marketing platforms, metrics, analytical tools, and words—know how to use them with recruitment marketing to boost our visibility on the market. Equally important, you need to be good at things behind the words: teamwork, listening, research, and a will to grow as an expert.

You will:

Ideally, you are:

Big +


6 000 - 8 000 PLN + VAT (B2B contract)
or 5 000 - 6 600 PLN gross on an employment contract (UoP)