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🤓 Junior Presales Specialist with German

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Omnipack | Żelazna, 59, Warszawa


#ecommerce, #presales, #german

Omnipack is a leader on the Polish eCommerce logistics market. Every day, we support over 100 companies in order fulfillment and satisfying their eConsumers’ needs, both in Poland and across Europe. We believe that there’s still a lot to achieve in the stiff logistics sector. We plan on conquering entire Europe within several years.

But Omnipack is, above all else, made up of people. We believe that their knowledge and experience are the real reason for our success. If you believe in the eCommerce industry's potential, professional development is your top priority, and you want to have a real influence on building something new–join us today!

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