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🤓 Junior Content Marketing Specialist

3 000 - 3 800 PLN brutto

🌍 optAd360 | Braci Gierymskich 76, Wrocław


#contentmarketing, #copywriting, #digitalmarketing

OptAd360 is looking for a Junior Content Marketing Specialist to join its Digital Marketing Team.
If you are passionate about writing or storytelling and understand the role of digital media in modern times, you may be the right candidate!

Our primary focus is to help online publishers get the most out of their content and deliver publisher solutions based on the newest technologies. We designed our products to monetize the website, video, mobile app, recover lost and unsold ad impressions. Our product optimizes ad layouts and uses artificial intelligence to capture the most value while maintaining a positive user experience.

You will be responsible for:

What we expect:

We can offer:

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