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🤓 Creative Team - Start Up

Undisclosed salary

🌍 Organic Wellness Brand | Kostki Potickiego, Warszawa


#marketing, #design, #media




We are looking to hire 2 people to form our Art Team for all creative projects needed in the company, for example:

  1. mockups and action photos creation
  2. marketing photos creation and enchancement
  3. recording and editing youtube videos for our brand showing products in action
  4. creating catchy/provocative/edgy text for these short videos for the actor to showse the product (researching the products and competition first, coming up with ways/angles we could stand out)
  5. optimizing youtube videos via keywords optimization etc (we will train you on that part)
  6. creation of all marketing visual materials like flyers, postcards 
  7. creation of all marketing text materials (like blogs, taglines, fb ads text, advertising copy text, etc)
  8. creation of some visual and text elements for our website
  9. creation of new labels and packaging for new upcoiming products
  10. everything else from vsiual and copywriting department - so lots of fun but also lots of data, measuring results, etc


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