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🤓 Solution Engineer

8 000 - 14 000 PLN netto

🌍 Piwik PRO | Św. Antoniego 2/4, Wrocław


#javascript, #implementationengineer, #analytics

We are a team of highly engaged implementation engineers. Our job is to make sure that our clients’ business goals and requirements are taken into account and properly addressed. We combine excellent product knowledge and experience in online marketing with skillful use of JavaScript to provide our clients with state-of-the-art online analytics solutions.

We’re looking for a person with a perfect mix of soft skills, customer-centric approach and the ability to understand complex technical issues. Someone who dares to ask a lot of questions, isn’t satisfied with simple answers, feels excited about gathering requirements and understanding dozens of possible use cases of our software with its whole complexity. At the end of that road, you’ll become a real product expert – both internally and externally. Sounds interesting? That’s not all!

These are the challenges awaiting you:

To cope with them, you’ll definitely need:

If you aspire to be our perfect candidate, you may also need:

It doesn’t sound like an easy role, does it? So what’s in it for you?