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🤓 Viceroy (Regional Expansion Manager)

8 000 - 11 098 PLN brutto

🌍 Plant&Hemp | Franciszka Bohomolca 15, 01638, Warszawa


#expasion, #b2c, #b2b

WANTED: People seeking adventure, excitement, fulfillment and glory in the unlikely event of success ...

Plant & Hemp has embarked on the ambitious mission to build Europe's legal cannabis home delivery infrastructure ... 'Uber Eats for Cannabis' might be a simpler way of putting it. 

We started in Portugal over a year ago and things are moving very very fast.

Our motto? 'Ad Naturam', back to nature ... to take mankind back to his roots.

We intend to use the oncoming European emancipation of Cannabis to build a new sector and industry in our vision. One that moves away from big Pharma and large corporate licensing models to a world of hobbyist, home growers and decentralized ownership.

As with all Startups, that's is all very much ** in the future. **

Today we are scaling phase one of the project and we need local partners to help us build the infrastructure to enable us to target new territories translating the local nuances and obstacles of European communities in the way only local people can.

Currently, we are offering 1-hour delivery CBD of our catalog in Lisbon and Bucharest and have an aggressive expansion strategy to target Ukrian, Bulgaria Greece and Poland before Christmas 2020. We are looking for people with passion, drive and vision to lead our expansion into these areas.

High intelligence, entrepreneurial talent and leadership tenacity are but a few of the skills we are looking for to build our vision and complete our mission. We are looking for generalists who can help aggressively scale our brand from the ground up.

We've already developed a scaling strategy that we have implemented to perfection in Bulgaria and Lisbon and we are confident we can do the same in these new territories.

If you are looking for a project to change the trajectory of their life in a fast-moving industry with an infinitive amount of space for self-development and learning then we are looking for you!