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🤓 Digital Marketing Specialist

2 000 - 3 000 USD netto

🌍 Plenti | Austin, Austin


#ContentMarketing, #SEO, #DigitalMarketing

The creative industry is stuck in the old way of working and thinking - most tools operate as single user tools with regular files and require users to fallback to Dropbox, Google Drive or email to share the work. Because of this, collaboration is difficult or in case of remote work sometimes not even possible.

Our client, a stable US startup, is bringing state of the art real-time collaborative digital painting to over 40k users on a daily basis.

Digital painting is just the beginning... Imagine animation, vector, 3D tools & video which are accessible fully from the browser, by anyone, from anywhere. Creating content deserves to be a team sport.

As a Digital Marketing Specialist you will be responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to help raise awareness about the new art collaboration paradigm that we brings into the creative space. As we embark on a mission to build a truly collaborative app for artists, you will be taking on an important responsibility of creating engaging content for professional artists, distributing it across multiple channels and engaging with the audience to understand the impact our efforts have on them. You will be also organising art events, collaborative drawing sessions and various conference activities.

🚀Company values

🚀Work culture

We're all adults. We trust you to do the work and as long as we communicate on standups, report blockers and ask for feedback - nobody will look over your shoulder.

Aside from customer and team meetings, you'll have full flexibility when you work. Need to go to the gym or grab a drink with your friends during business hours? Knock yourself out. ;)

We want you to not only feel part of the team, but actually BE part of it. You will be able to affect the culture, values and processes yourself. Your feedback and input will be valuable.

🚀What you’ll need:

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🚀We think you’ll love to work with us because:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us :)

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