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🤓 Head of Marketing 🚀

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🌍 Prowly | Madalińskiego 71, Warszawa


#marketing, #ecommerce

After just seven years on the market, Prowly is one of the top PR applications in the world. Our dynamic growth is the result of a product that meets the needs of PR pros combined with a creative and effective marketing strategy that raises our profile, promotes engagement, and drives sales conversions.

The fact that we always want more is in our DNA. Both our needs and opportunities are growing, which is why we are now looking for a leader for our team who will translate our ambitions into the direction of further development of our marketing activities and bring the skills needed to implement them in an agile manner.

More about the role:

As Head of Marketing at Prowly, you will be responsible for building and implementing the company's marketing strategy, supporting our existing talent in the department, and planning further development in response to needs as they arise. While developing your team and marketing strategy, you will work closely with the CPO and the CEO.

Your team's responsibilities go beyond optimizing current marketing channels and discovering new ones to include building brand awareness, continually improving our understanding of customer needs, and adjusting marketing strategies accordingly to maximize revenue. You'll be responsible for selecting the right KPIs to track success and effectively executing all required strategies to meet those goals.

Your work environment will be dynamic, but you will have a real influence on its shape in order to operate effectively. Close cooperation with other Prowly team leaders will allow you to translate needs into actions and verify their effectiveness, and cooperation with the Semrush team will provide you with access not only to expert knowledge in a number of fields but also to joint marketing activities.

Working with us means having a real impact on our business growth. You will develop new skills in the field of team management and scaling a SaaS business.

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