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🤓 Junior Customer Success Specialist

3 600 - 4 200 PLN brutto

🌍 Senuto Sp. z o.o. | Czerniowiecka 6B, Warszawa


#customersuccess, #startup

Who are we looking for?
Words such as SaaS, churn, client onboarding or tutorial don't scare you?
You're tech savvy and new technologies are your thing?
If the answer is yes - our Customer Success Team might be looking exactly for you!

Who are we?
We are a group of 29 experts on SEO, data mining, big data and internet marketing. We deliver precise data about visibility in Google to more than 11k of our customers! 

Where are we?
A villa in Warsaw's Mokotów is our HQ. Here you'll find an inhouse gym, a comfy chill room, sunny terrace, nap room with hammocks and a fridge full of cokes and redbull.
Some of us work from Łódź where we have a smaller office. There are also people working from the comfort of their homes, all over Poland as well as abroad.
All in all - we are mobile and flexible!

What would you do?
You'd share tasks with our CS team that:

Who is our perfect candidate?

How much we'll pay you?
3k-3,5k net, depending on your experience.

What do we offer?