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🤓 Senior Marketing Specialist

5 000 - 10 000 PLN brutto

🌍 Sotrender | Wołodyjowskiego, 46, Warszawa


#ContentMarketing, #SocialMedia, #GoogleAnalytics, #ContentMarketing, #SocialMedia, #GoogleAnalytics

We’re looking for a Senior Marketing Specialist to join our team and support our international growth.

We build a spaceship🚀: a great SaaS product powered by artificial intelligence. Our product is currently one of the best application designed to social media analytics. Our next step is to conquer English speaking market. At this point your role starts : the Senior Marketing Specialist who understands social media, has analytical skills and creative approach to challenges. But the most important is your good energy and can-do attitude! Interested? Continue reading. 😊

What will you do?

➡ to: Create marketing strategy, both short and long term
➡ to: Create valuable content
➡ to: Generate valuable leads
➡ to: Boost the business growth!

What do we expect from you?

You will gain extra points if you have:

You will fit well into the role if you previously held one of these positions:

Possible career paths include:

Working in this role will allow you to gain experience in the following:

What do we guarantee?