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🤓 Content Marketing Specialist (mid-level)

5 000 - 7 000 PLN netto

🌍 Surfer | Rzeźnicza, Wrocław


#content, #marketing, #saas

At Surfer we solve a problem that many marketers face when they optimize websites. We provide them with tools for on-page SEO, content creation, and beyond. Without Surfer? They would be forced to do a tremendous part of their work manually. We save hours of marketers’ work and that’s why our users love our tools.

We’re a small team of 12 people. Most of us work from Wrocław, some of us don’t. We have around 2k paying customers and we want to double it (at least) by the end of this year. From the very beginning, Surfer is fully bootstrapped so we have full control over what we do and how we do it. That feels fantastic.

Now, we’re looking for a new person to join our team as a Content Marketer (mid-level). Our users are hungry for more content from us. And we need someone who will help us meet their needs. Would you like to write marketing-related articles, social media posts, and other stuff that people really want to read? Great 👋 

To join our team you must be ready to:

The person we want to hire:

Surfer is a great team to be a part of because:

Please attach your CV/Linkedin profile + your previous work. Articles, website copy, social media posts... Whatever makes you proud :) We'll do our best to reply to everyone in a week.