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🤓 Product Designer

7 500 - 11 500 PLN netto

🌍 Survicate | Przyrynek 14, Warszawa


#product-design, #product-designer, #product

We’re looking for a talented and experienced Product Designer. Working as a Product Designer at Survicate is a unique opportunity. We have a small team, so you won’t be one of dozens. You’ll be one of a few, so your impact will be felt inside and outside the company. As a Product Designer at Survicate you'll be helping over 20.000 users worldwide collect and act upon feedback from their customers.

We are not looking for someone who’s already expert in everything they do. We’re looking for someone great who demonstrates the interest, drive, and desire to keep learning new things and continually get better.

What you’ll be doing?

What do we expect?

Why Survicate?

What we offer:

Send your CV, relevant work samples and anything else that will make you stand out. Extra effort and personal touches will be looked upon favorably!