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🤓 PPC Specialist (FB Ads+GoogleAds)

6 000 - 8 000 PLN brutto

🌍 SynergyAds | Jerozolimskie 55, Warszawa


#FacebookAds, #GoogleAds, #PPC

SynergyAds is a digital marketing agency from Warsaw. We work with scale-ups, mid-market, and enterprise clients, running PPC campaigns targeted to Poland, the EU and the US. Our clients come from Poland as well as from abroad countries. 

We are seeking a Performance Marketing Specialist or Senior Specialist to join the team. If you are extremely excited with every new conversion coming from your campaign and you feel that you can go beyond typical ads accounts optimization, be a business advisor and client’s best friend, then this offer is for you. 

Scope of expertise:

- and oriented on a customer journey to purchase. So basically you need to understand all dynamics on the marketing performance and build strategies that will address them. (If you feel insecure here no worries you can rely on the colleagues' support and we strive to make you the best in class).


It’s nice if you:


What are the next steps?

  1. Pre-interview on the phone (15 min)
  2. Video-interview with life task/ case study to solve (1.5h)
  3. Decision and 3 months of the trial period.