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🤓 CRM Expert

7 500 - 11 500 PLN netto

🌍 Tylko | Czerska 8/10, Warszawa


#E-commerce, #CRM

We’re looking for a creative and knowledgeable CRM Expert to join our Performance Team (part of the Marketing Tribe). This role requires a wide range of skills - from content and storytelling abilities to in-depth understanding of the technical, marketing and project management side of things. You will be responsible for developing and executing enjoyable, informative and effective emailing campaigns and journeys in line with our brand strategy and performance goals. You will also work on improving conversion rates, engagement and retention across the whole customer lifecycle. 
About the Marketing Tribe

Marketing Tribe is responsible for our financial performance and is a unique mix of marketing experts and internal creative teams with dedicated IT support. We use visual storytelling and craft meaningful stories to engage with our community and build our brand (while fueling sales, of course) across all marketing channels.

Main Responsibilities:

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TYLKO is an innovative tech-driven furniture company founded in 2015 in Warsaw, Poland. We specialise in providing high-quality storage that our customers can adapt down to the last detail through the use of an intuitive online configurator and our AR-enhanced Tylko App.
We’re a tight-knit team of over 120 diverse specialists working in the fields of design, production, IT, marketing, communication, customer experience and much more. Tylko’s organisational structure is split into two categories: Tribes and Teams. Tribes represent the three primary arms of the business: Production, Marketing and Fulfilment. Tribes are further divided into cross-functional Teams.