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🤓 Copywriter (Direct Response)

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🌍 Web Impact | ul. Wawrzyńca, Kraków


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Write and get them excited about what's coming up next 🚀

We’re looking for curious and passionate copywriters who can engage our members and inspire them to take action. Our services are designed to help investors of all levels improve their financial futures - and we also believe that investing guidance should not stem from a “one size fits all” mindset.

Here’s the challenge/opportunity for you to take on: Finances can be a scary topic—and it’s much easier to delay action than to put a plan together today. So as a Copywriter, your job is to inspire our members to stop waiting and to start taking steps towards financial independence right this minute.

We are looking for a copywriter (also freelancer) with talent, experience and intuition, who can create marketing content for campaigns to maximize investing and wealth management solution conversions.

▶Produce sales copy, content marketing via email or external channels
Develop great ideas for campaigns throughout the conversion funnel
▶Create PPC and landing pages for our PPC campaigns
▶Keep digital marketing ads, text placements, order pages and many others :)
▶Generate new sales hooks
▶Write direct email newsletter copy
Research industry and consumer trends

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