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🤓 Marketing Research Analyst

4 000 - 5 000 PLN netto

🌍 Ziflow | Marcinkowskiego, Poznań



Marketing Research Analyst

Marketing Operations | Remote working

Ziflow’s mission is to be the company that leads the market for online proofing by delivering an unparalleled experience for our employees and customers. The Ziflow executive team have deep experience building and growing SaaS products for the marketing sector. They have successfully built software development and business operations teams in Poland, South Africa, and the United States.

This is a full-time, remote working role, so you can be based anywhere in Poland. You can work from your home office, shared office space, a coffee shop or the beach, as long as you get the job done. We believe strongly in work/life balance and encourage everyone to stay fresh and creative.  This role does report to a US-based manager, currently, so some US hours overlap will be regularly required. 

Our mantra is “Fast & Focused”. As a start-up we need to move quickly to capitalize on market opportunities, uncovering new channels for growth as efficiently as possible. We maintain a focus on solving a small number of customer problems well rather than trying to do too much.

About the Role
Ziflow has an immediate opening for a Market Research Analyst to join our rapidly growing team. This is an excellent position for someone who is looking to establish and refine their SaaS marketing skills and expertise. 

Your primary responsibility is to identify persona-appropriate contacts for our account-based marketing activities. Your efforts will have a direct daily impact on our growth, in terms of both awareness and revenue.  This role will touch a wide range of marketing disciplines (operations, brand, product, demand, communications, etc.) by analyzing the success of executed campaigns, based on defined objectives.

What You Will Get From This Role
If we’re a match, during your time at Ziflow you will acquire a million dollar education in high-velocity inbound sales and marketing at a SaaS company.  Our exec team previously founded and led ProofHQ, the market leader in online proofing for brands and agencies. They bootstrapped ProofHQ into a company that achieved some of the most impressive distribution economics the industry has seen.  You will learn the importance of CAC, LTV and MRR, but most importantly, you’ll learn how to grow a business.  And you’ll have fun. 

About the Perfect Candidate

Responsibilities Include

We want to recruit truly high-caliber people, so the rate of pay will be set at a level that enables us to achieve that.