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Jit Team
Jit Team – the human factor of IT. We build software development teams for our clients operating in various branches of business. We believe that the most important factor is the human factor. Our main value are Jit people - excellent specialists.
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software architect /team leader

Łukasz is quite a personality, he has a thousand ideas per minute and his creative brain just doesn’t take breaks. He has been part of Jit almost since its beginning, that’s why his expertise is so important to us.

principal developer

This is ‘The Guy’ – give him a riddle and he will solve it in no time. Challenge him with a technological task and you will get more than just a simple answer. Our own Jit Technological Genius.

test architect

Testing ensures quality, we all know that, don’t we? Tomek makes sure the testing stage of the project is as thorough as possible. He sees things invisible to the naked eye. He is an expert on automated testing.

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Jit Team – the human factor of IT

We are transparent and honest to ensure the cooperation with our clients and employees is successful and long-term. Wanna be part of the Team? Meet us and find out more about the technologies we specialize in and the projects we completed.

10 years of Jit Team

The year 2020 marks the tenth anniversary of founding Jit. Those many years of development and growth have made us who we are. We decided to gather all the important events and milestones. Enjoy reading through many stories to learn more about our history:

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