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🤓 CRO Team Leader

6 400 - 8 700 PLN netto

🌍 Ladder Digital | Słodowa 7, Wrocław


#agency, #marketing, #CRO

We specialize in building traction for startups and creating sustainable growth for established companies all over the world - to be precise, we’re specialists in Growth Marketing. We’re based in Wrocław, London, Austin and NYC.

Through our data-driven testing process, we build a clear picture of what channels, advertisements, audiences, creative, landing pages and emails perform best, and as a result - create sustainable growth for our clients.


As a CRO (conversion rate optimisation) Team Lead you’ll be responsible for leading the optimization hub inside Ladder. We improve online experiences with a user-centric approach, therefore we prioritize qualitative data. We look for three main traits in professionals who join our team: Curiosity - Rigor - Process and our main focus is to generate more money to our clients through validated findings. You don't have to be experienced in CRO, but you have to be passionate about helping businesses grow by using data.

Day-to-day task: Leading efforts for CRO clients at Ladder according to our internal CRO playbook, project management (we use external services providers as well), conducting CRO sales audits for prospecting clients. You'll be responsible for leading the CRO experimentation across our client's portolio as well growing the team in the future. Your main KPI will be client happiness from our CRO efforts.

To support your development, we have an in-depth training plan you’re jumping in from day one, so you’ll learn a lot in the first months. One of our key values is to be persistently helpful so you will be supported by your team every step of the way.

Who are we looking for?

A digital marketer who has the potential and determination to become a world-class growth expert in CRO:


What we offer

About Ladder

No two people we’ve hired at Ladder are alike. It is our shared values and passion for learning that bring us together. Our different backgrounds and experiences help us learn from each other and achieve our mission. We endeavor to make working at Ladder accessible to anyone with the right talent and drive. We look for people who are interested in technology, with a passion for learning and the determination to work on tough challenges.

Here are some core skills we have found useful for working at Ladder:

Capacity for critical thinking

An eye for creative that sells

Ability to reason numerically

Rigorous attention to detail

Performance under pressure

We only hire, promote and tolerate fully formed adults. We don’t have time for micromanagement, nor do we want to work with people who need it. Dress code is informal, working hours are flexible and we don’t have strict rules about chain of command. Most decisions are yours to make, though we’re there to offer support if you need it. We ask you to operate in the best interests of the company, and trust we’re operating in your best interests wherever economically possible.

Our core values are:

1. Default to transparency

2. Be persistently helpful

3. Team first

4. We learn from our mistakes