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🤓 Growth Marketer, Search Ads Specialist

4 800 - 6 400 PLN brutto

🌍 Ladder Digital | Szczytnicka 11, Wrocław


#GoogleAds, #SearchAds, #Marketing

We specialize in building traction for startups and creating sustainable growth for established companies all over the world - to be precise, we’re specialists in Growth Marketing. We’re based in Wrocław, London, Austin and NYC.
 Through our data-driven testing process, we build a clear picture of what channels, advertisements, audiences, creative, landing pages and emails perform best, and as a result - create sustainable growth for our clients.

 We've worked with companies ranging from startups, through Small and Medium Enterprises all the way to companies in Fortune500 like Nestle,, Facebook or Credit Suisse. We also worked with a range of different industries and business models - B2B, E-commerce, SaaS, Mobile Apps and others, which work in sectors like FinTech, Consumer Products, Business Intelligence, Betting and even Agriculture. 


Search Ads Specialist - takes ownership of the operational side of delivering marketing campaigns to our clients. The person manages experiments, create campaigns and analyze their results - you’ll be a project manager for marketing activities, responsible for implementing marketing strategies from senior members of the team. You'll be using the newest tools and growth hacking methodologies there are and enjoy working with international clients of Ladder Digital (

To support your development, we have an in-depth training plan you’re jumping in from day one, so you’ll learn a lot in the first months, mainly about growth strategy and execution, but also particular online marketing channels like Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Bing Search Ads and data analysis and reporting in Google Data Studio. One of our key values is to be persistently helpful so you will be supported by your team every step of the way.


An ambitious entry-level digital marketer who has the potential and determination to become a world-class growth expert:



No two people we’ve hired at Ladder are alike. It is our shared values and passion for learning that brings us together. Our different backgrounds and experiences help us learn from each other and achieve our mission. We endeavor to make working at Ladder accessible to anyone with the right talent and drive. We look for people who are interested in technology, with a passion for learning and the determination to work on tough challenges.

Here are some core skills we have found useful for working at Ladder:

We only hire, promote and tolerate fully formed adults. We don’t have time for micromanagement, nor do we want to work with people who need it. Dress code is informal, working hours are flexible and we don’t have strict rules about the chain of command. Most decisions are yours to make, though we’re there to offer support if you need it. We ask you to operate in the best interests of the company, and trust we’re operating in your best interests wherever economically possible.

1. Default to transparency
2. Be persistently helpful
3. Team first
4. We learn from our mistakes

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